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[audio]broken - clemens hausch
Clemens Hausch is not just one of many experimental musicians. He knows how he wants his music to sound and knows how to do it. Broken is a live session performed January 2007 by Clemens Hausch at the elektrogönner club in Vienna. The session is divided in three parts. The first part: Movement 1 / static, raises the imagination with a warm droning atmosphere. One of the few actual samples in the session is used here...
Keywords: abstract; experimental electronica; ambient
Downloads: 6,800 (1 review)
[audio]Jag rör mig obehindrat nu - Herr Åberg och Fröken Ankarborg
After seven years together mister Åberg and miss Ankarborg finally decided to get serious and enter the studio. A poem was recorded and given three different personalities. The first track is for the electro disco queen, the second is for the neurotic scary movie lover, and the third and last is for the reggae boy next door who yet hasn't discovered his love for electro. So reason with your psychiatrist and pick your match or feel free to embrace them all.
Keywords: electro; spoken word; idm; dub
Downloads: 5,810
[audio]Karlheinz Essl - SNDT®X - Karlheinz Essl
Six years after his last CD ©RUDE, Karlheinz Essl has released a new album with electronic music, entitled SNDT®X. As the name already suggests, the music on this release is related to other arts, serving as a comment or a sonic subtext to paintings, movies and performances of artists from other fields. Furthermore, several pieces are dealing with music from various origins, namely psychedelic rock music (a tribute to CAN), advanced classical music (remixing Mozart's Dissonanzenquartett), chan...
Keywords: electroacoustic
Downloads: 5,291
[audio]Mozcorra - Tu Y Yo... - Mozcorra
Mozcorra's ambition is not to make music on an epic scale with big arrangements, orchestral movements and a melting pot of influences. On the contrary. With very small means of key sounds, and improvised melodies Tu Y Yo Y... unfolds a child like naive universe. A panorama of self focused thoughtfulness. Hard to define, easy to love. This is a natural follow up to the album Niña Cabra. To demonstrate this transition Omar Alejandro holds up his previous record together with a photograph of Mir...
Keywords: ambient; experimental; minimal; field recordings
Downloads: 4,738
[audio]Radiowaves - Fluyd
Fluyd is one of the two members in XU, a project who explore the possibilities of combinding words and sounds together. They made their debut with an ep titled "Arketyp" released 2005 on the German netlabel Ndorphin. Later that year they released the album: "Singing rust" at the same label. In 2006 the second album "Deconstructure" was released here on TLHOTRA. Radiowaves is Fluyds debut on his own...
Keywords: ambient; electroacoustic
Downloads: 2,837
[audio]Demolyne) - Natural - Demolyne)
Demolyne) is an experimental ambient project from Ukraine, which was started in 2006. Here we present his debut EP "Natural". The music is based mainly on field-recordings made during a Central European winter travel in three countries – Germany, Poland and Ukraine, but live instruments like harmonica, sopilka (national Ukrainian flute) and guitar were also used. "Natural" is a huge picture with dark ambient landscapes and voids, sometimes silent, but sometimes violent...
Keywords: ambient; experimental
Downloads: 2,652
[audio]Adrián Juárez - Amílcar - Adrián Juárez
Amílcar is a collection of ambient/drone pieces of conceptual nature. Each track include an image made by Mexican artist Leopoldo to complement the music. You can see these images by viewing them from the downloaded folder, or on the Windows Media Player while you are playing the tracks. These two art forms together creates blurred audio and visual impressions, enjoyable both to hear and watch. Adrián Juárez lives in Argentina and operate the netabel Frigida rec...
Keywords: drones; ambient
Downloads: 2,353
[audio]VA - We who with music beguile your pilgrimage to the unknown
01. Somnivore - Sought by few, scared by many [Karelia, 1818] (Finland) A track previously released on the limited cd-r album: 1818 - 1991 02. Funkis/Anulaibar - Pencumbeliig (Sweden) Olle from Funkis/Anulaibar is also involved and a member of SEAMS, a society for electro acoustic music in Sweden. 03. CTACIK - K (Sweden) To take part in this compilation there was a time limit on fifteen minutes. CTACIK´s contribution ends exactly at 14:59...
Keywords: dark ambient
Downloads: 2,211
[audio]XU-Deconstructure - XU
The first release for TLHOTRA is an album by the two man project XU. Deconstructure features six tracks which contains subtle recordings of organ, piano, voices etc. together with gentle electronics. These songs are thematically arranged in a calm but also eerie atmosphere around abandoned places, where rust and shadows speaks in silence and nature taking over relics from the modern society.
Keywords: experimental electronica; ambient
Downloads: 2,025
[audio]Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea - Post-Sleep Paths - Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea
All Compositions by Leo Alves Vieira & Pangea Leo Alves Vieira: Clarinet in Bb, Flute, Acoustic Guitar and Electroacoustics Pangea: Programming, Sampling, Electric Guitar, Percussion and Electroacoustics Artwork and design: Pedro Pagnuzzi String Quartet on track 3 composed by Leo Alves Vieira and played by Quarteto de Cordas da Grota. Recorded at Tomba Records Studio. Other acoustic instruments recorded by Olavo Vianna...
Keywords: avante garde; electroacoustic; experimental; spoken word
Downloads: 1,953 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Industry by nature - Roman Slavka
Industry by nature, is a soft weapon in hard times. Listen to this and you travel like a spirit through mountains and machines. Roman Slavka makes your thoughts active and challenge you in new directions. As the title indicates is industry and nature the subject for this album, composed to bring forth the two opposites in similarities and differences. This is done in a tradition of experimental dark ambient soundscapes and musique concrète...
Keywords: musique concrète; dark ambient; abstract soundscapes
Downloads: 1,935
[audio]Musique TLR - #1 - Musique TLR
In search of a sound between shoegaze, lo-fi and electronics, this is the music of a voice finding itself. Handcrafted with a passionate feel, topped with down to earth, unstrained vocals. The first track sets the standard and from there to the last seconds you are disarmed. Take it to your heart and carry it with you. Fresh and vital, with a strong sense of direction, bridging the gap between Slowdive, Labradford and Dntel...
Keywords: shoegaze; lo-fi; electronic; dream pop
Downloads: 1,717
[audio]roman slavka & dem - live at tandem - Roman Slavka and Dem
What's to be heard on Live at Tandem is Roman Slavka in control of sound precessing and Dem on electric guitar. Together they interact a long and suggestive ambient work of dark and hypnotic imagery. A Sleep paralysis by audio shamans. With a personal approach they create a confrontation of aesthetics. A mutual understanding and a creative cooperation. A soundtrack to a sleep paralysis - deep, dense and metaphoric...
Keywords: ambient; abstract; experimental; live
Downloads: 1,702
[audio]Lucida - The unexamined life isn't worth thinking about - Lucida
Assembled by Chard in London (UK) in the spring & summer of 2008 from various field recordings (Paris, France; Como, Italy & Gorre, France) with music by Chard (music box), Geraint (guitar) and Kye (piano).
Keywords: ambient; environmental sounds; acoustic instruments
Downloads: 1,648
[audio]Omringad av mörker - Hjorten
"Omringad av mörker" changes between playfulness and aggression. This is a noise work, a duality between pain and joy, and it cuts like a light through darkness and questions established conceptions. Listening to Hjorten is as listening to a timeless force of willpower that never gives up. It is up to you if you want to raise the volume or cover your ears. The music draws elements from improvisations of different treated sound sources...
Keywords: noise
Downloads: 1,514
[audio]Arete - Broken interface - Arete
Arete is one alias for the music of Mattias Andersson, focused on noise and broken sounds. "Broken Interface" was the product of exactly what the name implies; a broken preamp is the source of every sound on the album combined with an alesis bitrman and vocals through it. The bulk of this album was made in a two hour creativity rush where every nook and cranny of this broken interface through the bitrman was explored...
Keywords: noise
Downloads: 1,449
[audio]Mind Matter Norm - Mrcien & Zerofication
Mind Matter Norm, is a split release between Mrcien, founder of tlhotra, and Zerofication, founder of Introvert distortion. The theme for this release is mental disorder, or how a norm of behavior, when broken is defined as sickness. The question is; what will happen if the norm becomes narrower or wider and what these changes depends on.
Keywords: dark ambient; experimental; noise
Downloads: 1,304 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]SSH Visor - Radiant Cilia Sun - SSH Visor
SSH Visor is the laptop-based creative outlet of Austrian home recording artist Christopher A. Sinclair. On his second album, Radiant Cilia Sun, and as an ongoing theme for his musical activity, he is constantly trying to push his personal creative boundaries and letting all of his musical interests come together to create something new. For SSH Visor, he draws inspiration from a mix of different genres...
Keywords: noise; experimental
Downloads: 1,235
[audio]Monopole - complex industrialism militarily - Monopole
Music is in many ways a time experience. In many cases also a time indication. One use to say listening to a song takes you back in time, or in some cases, to the future. And then of course a musician is also in a creative process. Some prefer to improvise or work impulsive, others make slow decisions and let the music evolve in a mature manner. With Monopole's long, thirty three minutes track: complex industrialism militarily, you may wonder if it's an album, an ep or a mini album? Does it matt...
Keywords: ambient
Downloads: 1,222
[audio]Mrcien - Sometimes when I watch trees sway - Mrcien
Markus Åberg a.k.a Mrcien is the founder of TLHOTRA. Music on this EP is mostly based on field recordings from Gävle and Västerås and contain crackles and pops, birds, dandelion trumpets, melodies barely audible, grandfather clock and other personal and nostalgic sounds. The idea behind the release is to arouse feelings from a cold summer morning. Music from the EP were played live on "H20 ljudkonst vid vattnet" a local event which took place late at night in the beautiful Boulogner forest t...
Keywords: field recordings; ambient; drones
Downloads: 1,194
[audio]Olle Svensk - Pitroghucy - Olle Svensk
As we step in to the music of Pitroghucy, we also step in to empty factories, deserted warehouses and isolated buildings. Inspired by these abandoned places Olle Svensk has created a piece off work that brings the listener on an urban exploration in sound. What may we find in the dark? Which creatures dwell amongst the debris? Who might we meet deep in these tunnels? Might it be ourselves? Is it our own subconsiousness, spawning from deep inside our minds? "Early in the mornings when I'm walking...
Keywords: dark ambient; drones; soundscapes
Downloads: 1,193 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Patel pretal - Patel pretal
Mathematics was recorded by Katie, Dominik and Pierre in their East London home, January 2007. Ippolit was converted from tape by Dominik in March 2007. Patel Pretal are to tour China this August.
Keywords: ambient; experimental; found art
Downloads: 1,074
[audio]Hjorten - The Reward - Hjorten
Applause From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Applause (Latin applaudere, to strike upon, clap) is primarily the expression of approval by the act of clapping, or striking the palms of the hands together, in order to create noise; generally any expression of approval. Audiences are usually expected to applaud after a performance, such as a musical concert, speech, or play. Applause should not be confused to clapping with the rhythm of a song but should have a random, sporadic matter to it." Hj...
Keywords: experimental; minimalistic; applause
Downloads: 1,055 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Jan-M. Iversen - Støy På Landet, Rehearsal. - Jan-M. Iversen
A recorded preparation for the 'Støy På Landet'-festival in Selbu, Norway, 22/23 June '07" Jan-M. Iversen, known for his net and record label TiBPprod, have several releases behind him. On this release he outline a preparation for a live performance, a long composition of abstract noise and soft ambiance. "I Have once read that the surrealism movement tried to establish connections where none before have thought to find them...
Keywords: abstract noise; ambience; live; experimental
Downloads: 1,052
[audio]kanada brothers - broken silver - kanada brothers
It's known that the cardiac center in the brain is responsible for controlling the heart rate. These electrical impulses is what makes the heart beat. I imagine and would like to explain broken silver with a reversible reaction. Electrical impulses from the heart up to the brain. And furthermore how these signals get register with a EKG machine who generate sine waves that looks like arguing lines talking in some kind of secret language...
Keywords: sine waves; ambient
Downloads: 998
[audio]Adrián Juárez - Floreale - Adrián Juárez
Adrián Juárez return to us, this time with a little help from some friends. The idea or concept of "floreale" is very clear and without compromises: an ep consisting only of voices! After the sessions been recorded, Adrián Juárez studied the result and proceeded by carefully select parts for recycling, multi layering, looping and in other ways processing the audio suitable for his liking. Here the primordial and the contemporary blend together in great respect...
Keywords: voices
Downloads: 895
[audio]DEAD #339 - DEAD EP - DEAD #339
DEAD #339 is industrial machine sounds, horror movie samples, screeches, and gloomy irritating noises composing harmony. From a bleak and disheartening repetitive waltz to a hard-hitting, maddening, momentum track, the music is an emotional outlet. Each track is dismal, downward, and harsh that escorts the listener down a path from which none can truly revisit. The background is cluttered with horror and slowly a new eerie sample is added until the chaos controls all...
Keywords: breakcore; rhythm & noise; power noise
Downloads: 817
[audio]Mrcien - A never ending mandala - Mrcien
A never ending mandala is an electronic dub production and a homage to Robert Anton Wilson, also known as R.A.W. Voice samples obtained from the movie "Maybe logic" and from the net.
Keywords: dub; electronic
Downloads: 797
[audio]Various artist - Samlad tid - various artist
And here is the final result for the Time project, a never before realized collaboration between Swedish netlabels and musicians. Altogether have 18 artist given their individual view on time after approximately a six-month period of planning and composing. This release is also available from the participated netlabels: "deersound" and "23 seconds".
Keywords: swedish netlabel compilation
Downloads: 778
[audio]VA - Tid - various artist
"Tid" is a part of a collaboration project between Swedish netlabels and musicians with the aim to release new and contemporary music. Eventually when all parts have been released, a vast and comprehensive compilation will be released on all netlabels involved. Tid, or "Time" in English, is a theme for each musicians to apply in their work. How the musicians chose to work with the theme was free to interpret...
Keywords: experimental; ambient; EAM
Downloads: 761
[audio]SSH Visor - Molekül - SSH Visor
Molekül (meaning "molecule" in German) is the third full-length by Austrian electroacoustic musician C.A. Sinclair under his SSH Visor moniker. This new release introduces household objects as sound sources for Sinclair's digital maniplulatios, in addition to acoustic and electric instruments. The loose conceptual idea for Molekül was having a rhythm or repeating loop at the bottom of each composition around which freeform structures unfold...
Keywords: abstract; experimental
Downloads: 718
[audio]SSH Visor - HLYMTN - SSH Visor
Due to some circumstance, SSH Visors previously release: Radiant Cilia Sun, (tlhotra016) got delayed. The long wait however was not unnecessary since Christopher took the time to make this "twin" release which should been seen as a complement or as an album connected with RCS. Therefor we release both albums simultaneously. HLYMTN is a remix album, but in the loosest sense. All source material are the same as on Radian Cilia Sun, but to a much lesser extend on HLYMTN, which for the most part is ...
Keywords: noise:experimental
Downloads: 630
[audio]Adrián Juárez - miedo al rio - Adrián Juárez
The profound and very productive composer Adrián Juárez return to TLHOTRA with an overwhelming album. Reminiscent or maybe best described as a diary of sounds. In short sketches he present different ideas of his audio visions. It's a diverse album full of textures, quickly moving from one idea to another. And as always, and what shines through in all Adrián Juárez works, is an indication of joy for playing and an unrestrained curiosity for sounds...
Keywords: electroacoustic; sound art; experimental
Downloads: 624
[audio]Pam - Kissmeland ep - Pam
Pam have with Kissmeland ep made a kaleidoscope of cinematic compositions. An intimate world of emotions, as if his music were letters written only to you. It's an ep full of emotive transmissions, gentle and at the same time beautiful and essential. Listen close, lay down in the grass and gaze at the clouds passing by. Do you see the shapes of skipping lambs, farms and fields and days passing by? Pam is Franco Estrada Sandoval from Mexico...
Keywords: ambient; field recordings; ethereal; nature recordings
Downloads: 558
[audio]Pam - Música para sentir que me ama - Pam
Pam's new release "Música para sentir que me ama" is a mixed media project consisting of music, lyrics and art. The Music is a continuation of Pam's naive and bright individual touch. Recognizable in his use of simplicity and tender melodies. Lyrics are written to compliment the music, and is written by Markus Ãberg and Pam through a mail correspondence. The texts is written with the music in focus to bring forth an interpretation of the music's substance...
Keywords: minimal: ambient: experimental
Downloads: 440
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